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Henry Cavill talks about going up against Ben Affleck's dark knight in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

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By now I’m hoping that the internet has calmed down about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. There may be some hate for the fella, but let’s face it, he is Batman already. He’s rich, talented and successful in Hollywood, qualities that Batman needs in his personal life as Bruce Wayne.

And that’s something that Superman himself believes, as Henry Cavill explained why Affleck was just right for the part of a weary caped crusader.


Speaking to TotalFilm, Cavill explained why he was excited to don his spandex once again and go toe to toe with Batfleck:

I’m sure he’ll be fantastic, above all else, and as a filmmaker he’s got his own style, you know, he’s not copying anyone else. And he’s also sort of been tenacious in his career. He’s had ups followed by downs and now he’s very up again and I think that requires and shows a very special strength of character, and it’s something I enjoy working with because jobs like this require a strength of character. They require a dedication to the work and a belief in oneself and Ben has that, clearly.

honestly, I’m curious to see how Affleck spices up the role. As great as Christian Bale was under the cowl, he also left the character as a perpetual joke with most wannabe comedians targeting his bat voice and repeating certain lines ad nauseum. With long time colloborater and pal Kevin Smith mentioning that the Batfleck costume looks phenomenal, I’m also keen on seeing the entire package.

C’mon Zack Snyder, consider it an early Christmas present. Batman vs Superman is scheduled for 2015 and you’ll believe that a Bat can fly when punched by a solar-powered Kryptonian.


Last Updated: December 3, 2013


  1. I never understand the concerns about superhero movies when it comes to casting. Actors play the role they’re given, all that is needed is for them to look similar to the comic book version.

    The most important part of any superhero movie is the director. He is responsible for giving the movie its heart and soul. If this movie is a let down it’ll be Snyder’s fault, not Affleck’s.


    • Eli Wintercross

      December 4, 2013 at 08:31

      Well… just look at Clooney as Batman. That was a disaster.


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