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Instead of the journey, you know what was actually unexpected about Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit? That he took a 300 page children’s book, and somehow managed to turn it into a 3-part, 9-hour epic! Did I say 9 hours? I am of course referring to the theatrical versions, because just like with his Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Jackson will be releasing extended editions of the three Hobbit films, and here’s a rough idea of what you can expect for the first.


Speaking to Empire magazine (via GeekTyrant) in a recent issue, Jackson, along with his co-writers Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, revealed some details of what they had planned. Here are some of the choice quotes:

“You are going to get some serious Dwarvish disrespect of the elves at Rivendell.”

“You are going to get more of Hobbiton. We always wanted to wend our way through Hobbiton, but in the end Bilbo has to run out of the door.”

“You are going to get more Goblin Town, and the Great Goblin singing his song. It is a great song, but it was just another delay in terms of moving the story along.”

“A number one hit from the Goblin King. Barry Humphries is going to rise up the charts.”

“We are putting things in the extended cut that are going to play straight into the second film, like this character Girion, who is defending [the city of] Dale using black arrows against Smaug. And the black arrows play a part in an ongoing story, for they are the one thing that can pierce the dragon’s hide.”

“There are also issues with [king of the elves] Thranduil (Lee Pace). We get some of the reason why he and the dwarves had a falling out – to do with these white gems…”

In other words, “How else can we piss off the purists?”. Now while I loved Tolkien’s books, I’ve never been one to scream bloody murder whenever changes are made to an on-screen adaptation, and as such I’m actually really looking forward to this. The LOTR extended editions were all improvements on their theatrical counterparts in every single way, and I’m hoping the same will hold true for the rather a-meh-zing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Extended Edition will be out on Blu Ray in November.

Last Updated: June 27, 2013

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