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Here's your first look at that Edgar Wright ANT MAN test footage. Sort of

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Were you, like us, not one of the lucky thousands that got to attend Comic Con earlier this year and thus never got to see all those exclusive clips for upcoming movies? And have you been chomping at the bit ever since it was announced that Marvel may possibly release the Ant Man test footage that Edgar Wright put together and showed off in Hall H to much fanfare?

Well then I have news for you: You’re not a horse. Bit chomping by humans is not socially acceptable. Also, thanks to one talented artist with a good memory, we can now don’t have to wait on the Marvel overlords to get out first glimpse at that footage.

Artist Samurai Jack was lucky enough to have been in attendance that day, and while he doesn’t have the visual effects or music score that Wright had created, he was able to create his own version of the test footage. And based on the report of others who had seen the original clip, Samurai Jack must love salmon* as he’s done a pretty faithful recreation  from his memory:

*Salmon contains plenty of Omega-3, one of the best sources for improving your memory. That’s right, we do occasionally provide you with life changing info. It’s not just all silly film battles and Channing Tatum jokes.

Last Updated: September 28, 2012


  1. James Francis

    October 1, 2012 at 12:02

    A recent article on Slate reveals why this movie is happening. As part of Marvel’s funding deal, it had to put up ten properties that are due to be movies – risking to forfeit the rights if said movies do not happen. So they opted for mostly vague or b-list superheroes they could risk losing the rights on, namely Capt. America, Black Panther and, of course, Antman.

    So no wonder most of us haven’t heard of this character 🙂


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