Here's your first look at the Gecko brothers in the FROM DUSK TILL DAWN TV series plus a wild trailer rises!

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dusk till dawn

Did you ever think to yourself “Hey, I’d really like to more of that From Dusk Till Dawn crew on Tv, instead of those god-awful direct to video movies which can only be scrubbed from my brain with alcohol poisoning”? Well, it looks like today is your lucky day then, as the Gecko brothers are making a return to prime time.

It’s the usual formula. DJ Cotrona is the cool-headed leader as Seth Gecko, while Zane Holtz is the manic insaniac Richie Gecko. The two have some banks to rob, law enforcement officers to outrace and a few vampires to kill before dawn arrives, as the original film gets expanded on quite a bit in the upcoming series.

“The film was the short story, this series is the novel,” From Dusk Till Dawn director Robert Rodriguez  said to critics at the TCA press tour in Pasadena on Sunday via EW. “We had a blast making this a rich experience that feels like it can go on and on for seasons.”

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Rodriguez mentioned the series having a more mythological bend:

It is seeing something that you’ve never seen before, this Mesoamerican mythology of demon culture and these vampires that are not your traditional vampires. It’s a mix of this crime saga with these supernatural elements that will make this different from anything else on television.


Joining the main cast is Don Johnson, Wilmer Valderrama and Robert Patrick, with Gre “The Walking Dead” Nicotero adding some practical effects to the undead make-up department. Want to see the trailer? Then you’ll need to click this link. Otherwise, here’s a poster for the show.


I’ve never felt that it was necessary to make a TV series based on that cult film, but I’m not against it either. There’s a solid cast in place, the Mexican action looks rad and I’m game for some old school horror and action. Bring it on ese.

Last Updated: January 13, 2014

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