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Here’s your first sneak peek at Robert Pattinson in his batsuit for Matt Reeves’ The Batman

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If you’re going to tackle the idea of the caped crusader in film, there’s no better way to drum up interest in your take on the Dark Knight than with the briefest of looks at his new costume. Zack Snyder knew this with Batman V Superman when he debuted perhaps the most comic book accurate costume ever that he squeezed Ben Affleck’s hulking frame into before he screamed about his mother to Superman, and The Batman director Matt Reeves definitely knows this as well as he just provided the briefest look at Robert Pattinson dressed for a night out on the town:

Oh my yes. Whereas Affleck’s suit was a pitch perfect recreation of the traditional comic book suit made with more modern materials and a hell of a lot of foam muscle so that he’d look like he could remove your teeth with a mere flex of his biceps, Patman’s suit in all its brief glory is giving me a slight Batman: Arkham Knight vibe.

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In Rocksteady’s game, Batman’s new costume made use of interlocking plates of armour over a kevlar weave and magnetorheological fluid armour layers to find a balance between protection and mobility. Pattinson’s suit seems to reflect the crime fighter inside of it: Raw, deadly and not the Batman just yet when you examine the chest for that iconic emblem. There is something there, with some people theorising that Pattinson has transformed the gun that killed his parents into the symbol on his suit. Neat twist.

As for that music you hear in the background? That’s none other than Michael Giacchino at work, flexing his musical muscles from Doctor Strange, Rogue One and Spider Man: Homecoming to create a new Dark Knight sound.

There’s no proper release date yet for The Batman, but if it’s following DC’s trend to focus on telling good stories first and leave the idea of a shared universe to a cheeky end credits joke, then this is one project that I’m happy to wait as long as possible for.

Last Updated: February 14, 2020

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