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Hey everybody! Let's do the Avengers rap!

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Oh dear lord… Marvel, have you no shame?

This new Hasbro/Marvel toys commercial is easily one of the worst things I’ve seen in ages. Its what might be called “incredibad”. Because you know what should be used to sell Avengers stuff? A cheesy rap video done by a guy who sounds like he has no idea that it’s no longer 1996!


Firstly, I completely understand that they need to promote the merchandise tie-ins for The Avengers, and that somebody in a overpriced suit obviously told them that it’s a scientifically proven fact that kids like rap, but I refuse to believe that there was nobody in that room with a modicum of taste who looked at the finished product and went “Er, guys… That kinda sucked.”


And just because I know that there will be somebody reading this that wants it, here are the lyrics courtesy of the guys over at Bleeding Cool.

Come on!
Powerful alone
Unstoppable together
Avengers! Assemble!
Iron Man jets in with a repulsor blast
Captain America throws his shield far and fast
Thor’s hammer makes thunder and lightning flash
And The Hulk hits hard with a big Hulk smash
Teaming up to save the world in the ultimate fight
Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are gonna make it right
Powerful alone
Unstoppable together
[With all new Avengers Arsenal gear you can join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Each sold separately. Batteries not included] Avengers! Assemble!


Last Updated: March 29, 2012

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  1. That’s is just too horrible…Although I do want the Thor hammer…


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