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Hide your cats, because ALF is returning!

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Once again, puppets are popular in Hollywood. Or at least computer-animated versions of them. The Muppets proved to be a big hit with audiences last year, and while it may not have been a number one debut, Ted has still earned tons of cash at the box office.

Naturally, a few more inanimate projects are being planned, such as a new Chucky film, while a certain cat-eating pain in the ass is also likely to return. Yep, that horrid Alien Life Form is on his snarky way back to Earth.

For those of you who aren’t old enough to remember ALF, imagine an alien that looked the bastard child of bigfoot and an Oompah Loompah, stranded on Earth and looking for a way back home, while staying with a stereotypical American family. Wacky hijinks ensued, on a weekly basis as they tried to keep his existence a secret from the government and their dissecting tools.

Sony has landed the movie rights to the old sitcom, and are looking to produce a live-action/CGI flick starring the cat-eater. Development is being headed by Jordan “Smurfs” Kerner, who will most likely keep the film family-friendly, in order to maximise profits with audiences.

Show creator Tom Pratchett is attached as a producer, but otherwise, there is no real writer or director on board the project yet. As for Paul Fusco though, he’ll once again be lending his voice to the main character, and will most likely have his hand where the fuzzy sun don’t shine.


Last Updated: August 10, 2012

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