Ho ho ho! It's a bunch of new images and a trailer for DOCTOR WHO: LAST CHRISTMAS

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Ah, Christmas. A time of traditions. Usually long lines in supermarkets that make realise that I wish that I had steam-powered mechanical legs to kick my way through the crowds, dangerous driving by vaalies racing for an empty parking space and an uncle who found my bottle of Glenfiddich hidden away in the cupboard. It’s also that time of year where I get a jolt of Doctor Who, thanks to the annual Christmas episode.

Trapped on an arctic base, under attack from terrifying creatures, who are you going to call? Santa Claus!

Nick Frost is a creepy Father Christmas, there, I’ve said it! But that’s nothing compared to whatever the hell it is that’s stalking the Doctor, Clara and St Nick in this episode. The episode will be shown locally on the 27th on BBC Entertainment, alongside an entire marathon of the complete eighth season of Doctor Who.

Meanwhile, Season 9 will start filming in January, with the first episode title already revealed. Keep an eye out for…The Magician’s Apprentice.


Last Updated: December 18, 2014

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