Home Entertainment Hold on to your giant shoulder pads! Fox is making an X-FORCE movie with a kick-ass writer/director!

Hold on to your giant shoulder pads! Fox is making an X-FORCE movie with a kick-ass writer/director!

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Contrary to popular belief, the X-Men franchise actually consists of other characters besides Wolverine. And with Wolvie’s next solo adventure soon snikt-snikting it up in cinemas and Bryan Singer hard at work on X-Men: Days of Future First, it appears that Fox is looking to expand their X-universe. And to do that, they’re turning to 1990’s smash hit comic X-Force!



The news initally broke when X-MenFilms picked up on the fact that the web domain name xforcemovie.com had been registered by Fox, meaning that something was up. It was then later reported by a number of sources that Fox would have something X-Men related to announce at this weekend’s Comic-Con, with Bleeding Cool indicating that it would be about an expanded X-universe, with X-Force being the first film out of the gates. THR then reported on a rumour that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow has been hired to write and direct a proposed X-Force feature film.

Now normally, we would have had to wait a week to see whether all of this played as true or not, but luckily for us, Rob Liefeld, creator of X-Force and sometimes wacky personality who seemingly had an obsession with large shoulder pads and useless pouches back in the 90’s, then weighed in on the action saying that  he “was informed in March” of the possibility of a movie based on his creations, and confirmed Wadlow as writing with an eye to direct. He did go on to also issue some caution though:

The Magneto film he’s referring to is X-Men Origins: Magneto which would have been the second in a series of solo films following on from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but the latter’s failure to grab audiences has pretty much left Magneto in development limbo for years now already.


Created in 1991 by Liefeld as a spinoff from the 1980’s New Mutants team (who were being trained as the next generation of X-Men), X-Force was a much more pro-active team than the more reactionary X-Men. Led by Cable (who was revealed to be the adult time travelling son of Cyclops and Jean Grey) the team consisted of Domino, Siryn, Warpath, Boom-Boom, Feral and Deadpool, among others. Since its inception, there have been numerous iterations of the team with their own respective rosters: from Liefeld’s original, traditional superheroes; to the more reality TV/popstars angle taken by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred; to the 2008 relaunch by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, as Cyclops’ own covert wetworks group led by Wolverine, and finally Rick Remender’s latest incarnation of the Uncanny X-Force as a blackbag strike force consisting of Deadpool, Psylocke, Fantomex and Dark Archangel.

So which version of the team is Wadlow looking at? Well, according to Liefeld, this film will be going back to the classics.

The thinking appears to be that  this will also be the shot in the arm that the long gestating Deadpool movie needs, with his solo effort perhaps spinning off of this.

As a huge fan of X-Force for years (I’m guessing you can tell?), I hope that this does actually all come to pass and is not just another pipe dream.

Last Updated: July 15, 2013


  1. You sir have made my Monday 😀 (followed closely by the news I just received that the venue we want for our wedding is available on the day we want it). But this takes the cake!


  2. Wayne Bossenger

    July 15, 2013 at 13:03

    Wow, that is pretty cool! I so hope this gets out of development hell and we get to see it 😀


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