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HOUSE OF CARDS reveals season 3 premier date

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What is with all of these teasers nowadays? I know – the marketing people have figured out that we’d do their work for them for free. I already dislike trailers, since they often don’t reflect their movies or shows accurately. Teasers are just worse: they are all about promise without any real substance. Like Blizzard releasing a logo for a new Diablo and you just start to imagine what that may entail. So we’ve effectively devolved from inaccurate trailers to just using our imagination completely. I’ve not even seen the new Star Wars trailer, because I am pre-empting the process and assuming the Jedi will be fighting a giant ice cream.

That said, here’s another teaser – this time for Netflix’s huge hit show House Of Cards

I know, I’m a hypocrite. But, hey, we just write the news here. And there is substance to this teaser: we now know House Of Cards returns next year 27 February. I definitely can’t wait. Season 1 was fun, but Season 2 really turned up the heat. I cannot begin to imagine the havoc and sheer evil Frank and Claire Underwood are about to unleash on the global community, but I’m sure we’ll love every moment of it.

Less informative, but more entertaining is Frank trying to find out what Hillary Clinton plans to buy for her husband’s birthday:


Last Updated: December 2, 2014


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