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House of the Dragon: Major Talking Points

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It seems like everyone is talking about House of the Dragon. It’s a new hit show that has become the new “water cooler” television series…

What Is House of the Dragon?

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House of the Dragon is a spinoff show from Game of Thrones, serving as a prequel to that series. House of the Dragon takes place about two centuries before Game of Thrones does. Like the previous show, this is a television series aimed at a mature audience, with copious amounts of violence and everything else you would expect from a prestige HBO show. 

There are plenty of links between this show and Game of Thrones, particularly through characters, places, and people groups, many of which are almost identical to Game of Thrones, with some of the characters being ancestors to those from the previous show. You can link some of the characters between the two shows through the Targaryen family tree

House of the Dragon Main Plot Points

This style of show offers plenty of excitement in its moment-to-moment happenings, but what keeps a lot of people glued to it are the larger story arcs and compelling plot points.

Battle of Stepstones

The battles in Game of Thrones were always some of the biggest talking points for that series, and they are equally complex and elaborate in House of the Dragon. The Battle of Stepstones was a major event in Episode 3 that people are still talking about, when Corlys Velaryon and Prince Daemon Targaryen battled the Triarchy across both land and sea.

The King’s Injury

In Episode 1, King Viserys was wounded in his back, and it’s an injury that has played an important role in the series and his health since then. The injury affected his hand too, as we saw in Episode 2, and it’s been interesting to see the king’s health falling away while he sits on the throne of power. Viewers and reviewers have been talking about the symbolism of the king’s injury and how his weakening health is a reflection of his poor ability to rule the land. We already know the Game of Thrones books and show love their symbolism, so we expect those kinds of creative decisions to carry over to this series as well. 

The Stolen Egg

Another major Episode 2 plot point is the stolen dragon egg. Prince Daemon took a dragon egg from House Targaryen, which is sure to cause a rift between the people. The egg seems to have belonged to Dreamfyre, who is known to those who study Game of Thrones history as possibly the mother of the three dragons that Daenerys Targaryen commanded. 

Closing Thoughts

House of the Dragon is available only on HBO, except for the first episode, which is also viewable on YouTube for free to those in the United States.

Each episode is aired on Sunday at 9pm ET/PT (see here). You will need an HBO membership to watch the show or a cable subscription that includes HBO. 

Last Updated: September 6, 2022

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