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How Many Michael Keaton Batman Movies Are There?

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1989 marked the first time that Michael Keaton put on the Batman costume for the big screen. There was a major marketing push behind this movie, propelled by merchandising, advertising, and strong word of mouth, despite audiences being unsure whether the actor mostly known as a comedian at that pint would be up to playing a superhero. Michael Keaton had several appearances as Batman, but how many Michael Keaton Batman movies were there?

Michael Keaton’s Batman Appearances

Michael Keaton Batman Movies
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Michael Keaton has only appeared as Batman in two movies so far – Batman in 1989, and Batman Returns in 1992. He’s scheduled to appear as the Caped Crusader again in The Flash in 2023 and in Batgirl, also in 2023.

Do These Michael Keaton Movies Connect to Each Other?

Batman and Batman Returns are actually part of a four-movie series, and Batman Returns a direct sequel to the first movie, even sharing several of the same actors, including Michael Gough as Alfred Pennywort (see Decider), and Pat Hingle as Commissioner Gordon.

The Flash movie is connected to what is known as the Snyderverse of DC superhero movies, connecting Justice League, Wonder Woman and a few others. This movie is expected to deal with a multiverse, which allows the filmmakers to pull in other characters from other universes. Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as Batman from the 1989 move, but the movie won’t focus on him. So, while it references the 1989 Batman, it’s not really in the same series. He will be taking up the same role in 2023’s Batgirl (click here for more info.

Who are the Actors in the Michael Keaton Batman movies?

Michael Keaton played Batman alongside Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Gough, Jack Nicholson, Pat Hingle, Danny DeVito, and Christopher Walken. The movies set to release in 2023 should include Michael Keaton alongside actors Ezra Miller, Brendan Fraser, J.K. Simmons, Leslie Grace, and Keirsey Clemmons.

Are All of the Michael Keaton Batman Films Directed by the Same Person?

Michael Keaton batman films
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No, the first two films were directed by Tim Burton. The Flash is set to be directed by Andy Muschietti, with Adil Arbi ad Bilall Fallah directing Batgirl, according to HollywoodReporter.

Which of the Michael Keaton Batman Films Is the Highest Rated?

If we were to go strictly by IMDb ratings, the first Batman movie is the clear winner, with a 7.5 rating, with Batman Returns getting a rating of 7 out of 10. Of course, the two unreleased movies, The Flash and Batgirl, have not yet been rated.

The 1989 Batman movie is actually considered one of the highest rated Batman movies in any series, and it is hard to imagine it being topped. Some fans will probably always consider it the best Batman movie ever.

That’s our look at the Michael Keaton Batman film series, and if you enjoyed that, then feel free to check out our other film series articles on the site as well as other articles about Batman, including the Batman animated movies.

Last Updated: June 1, 2022

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