How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV

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I recently bought myself a new 42″ LCD TV. I did a lot of homework before taking the big step. After all it is a lot of money you are investing and want to make sure you get a good deal both in quality and price.

At the end of the day I landed up taking my XBOX to the store, asked them to plug it into the TV and I played for about an hour before I made my choice, the guys must of thought I was crazy. Anyway, I did do a lot of homework on resolutions, response times etc. I found this article which goes into some nice detail on what to look for and what to look out for if you going to go Plasma or LCD.

The sexiest thing going in TV is flat panels–plasma and LCD screens that are only a few inches thick. But if you’re not planning to hang your TV on the wall, is a flat panel the best way to go? And which are better: plasma or LCD flat-screen TVs? Here’s what you need to know before you buy, and for a visual overview, see our “How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV” video buying guide.

Source: PC World

Last Updated: November 24, 2007

  • Ryuu

    I’m also looking at getting a 42″ TV now what did you get? I can’t deside betweet LCD and plasma.

  • Boswald

    I landed up going for the Teak 42″ LCD. It has very similar specs to the Sony Bravia. The big thing for me is it has a 5ms response rate so very little change of ghosting and very reasonably priced.

  • Boswald

    Sorry, teak is spelt teac. trying to multitask and not winning

  • Ryuu

    What is the price?

  • Boswald

    Here is the one I bought. You can get it at eDreams for around R14,500. Excellent quality, am very happy with it.

  • Ryuu

    I went to the shops yesterday NO-ONE had it, they only wanna sell me the Bravia or the Samsungs….Thanks for the link.

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