Hugh Jackman prepares to take prisoners

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Fresh off the surprisingly well received Real Steel, and with work lined up for a new Wolverine film as well as a role in Les Miserables, you’d expect aussie actor Hugh Jackman to be taking a vacation by now.

Except it seems that he’s going to be flexing his crazy-vigilante muscles instead, as the actor is a lock for the long in development project, Prisoners.

With Incendies director Denis Villeneuve behind it, Prisoners tells the story of a small-town carpenter whose daughter and best friend happen to get kidnapped, resulting in the humble man having a breakdown and enacting a little justice of his own, kidnapping the man that he thinks might be responsible.

Except he may have just abducted the wrong person entirely…

Prisoners has been sitting in development for quite a while now, as the script was originally floating around Hollywood since 2009, with the project attracting attention from actors such as Jackman, Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg during its incubation.

But by 2010, interest waned, until Villeneuve stepped back in to restart the project. It’s not going to be rushed into production though, as Jackman will be working the rest of the year on his other films in the mean time, so fans of vigilante action will have to wait a while.

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Last Updated: March 16, 2012

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