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I AM GROOT! Meet the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY animated series voice cast

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Guardians of the Galaxy is way more fun than The Avengers, there, I said it, bite me! Well before we knew this would be the case a cartoon version of the Marvell blockbuster was in the works to come after the first movie and now we have confirmed voice actors. Sadly Vin Diesel will not be one of them. Taking firm hold of Groot’s roots this time will be veteran voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson of Family Guy fame. He’s also lent his voice to characters from The Cleveland Show and The Batman so I am sure he’ll be more than comfortable uttering the same three words over, and over, and over again (apparently Diesel had to say it over a thousand times!)

As for the raccoon with anger management issues, that’ll be played by Trevor Duvall who has also been in a whole bunch of cartoons, from Johnny Test to X:Men Evolution. I think he has that scratchy voice that worked very well in the James Gunn blockbuster movie. Nothing has been said yet of the other voice actors but I am very excited that we will get 30 minutes extra Guardians each week this year! Exact release dates are still to be confirmed.

You can get a look at the tester that was released last year at Comic Con below:

Who would you want to voice Star Lord? It’s a tricky one. Chris Pratt has cemented himself in the role, I can’t imagine anyone else with a cocky twang pulling it off.

Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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