I must have this piece of Batman merch, old chum

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Batwest (10)

Before Ben Affleck set the internet ablaze, before Christian Bale growled his way into a cowl and long before Michael Keaton donned some familiar rubber, there was only one true Batman. His name was Adam West, and he ruled the airwaves and cinemas with a fist draped in velvet.

Time has not been kind to that campy series, a show which has inspired quite a bit of merch. And dammit, I need this particular piece for my mantle.

Sure, it’s a great likeness of Adam West, but it’s the little details that count here. Just look at the figure. That perfect pose. The right material on the cowl. Bat shark repellant! But the real cherry on the cake here, is the fact that Bat-West comes with a set of hands that allows him to do the infamous Bat-Tusi dance. Now that’s how you show love to an iconic character. There’s also a Burt Ward Robin figure that’ll ship next year with this Batman, but quite frankly, I’m going to be dead broke if I have to spend $204.99 on one half of the dynamic duo.


Last Updated: September 25, 2013

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