In Other News – 07 January 2014

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Dani Mathers

It’s day two of the working year. I NEED A VACATION! Over the last two weeks, I got used to some certain things. Waking up late at 7AM. Playing games that didn’t need to be followed by 2000 word reviews when I was done. Pants. It’s going to be hard adjusting back into the world of the grind, I tells ya.

In Other News: Hitman may not have been killed after all, Halo 5 is still on track for 2014, say hi to Clayface and battle the Kung Fuehrer.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy trying to reattach my legs after a vigorous bout of cycling.


China game console ban temporarily lifted
New Hitman game still in development at IO Interactive
Hideo Kojima teases super confidential project
Halo 5 reaffirmed for 2014 release
Batman Arkham City’s Clayface figure shows his ugly mug
Everquest co-designer working on a new MMO
Super Smash Bros trophies will differ between 3DS and Wii U versions
Joe Danger Infinity coming to iOS on January 9


Loveshack’s Framed is a narrative puzzler with the feel of a digital comic book
First look inside Japan’s Dark Souls cafe
In an overcrowded mobile game market, why aren’t more developers making digital playthings?
A bold solution for your Steam backlog woes


Daylight – Don’t look back trailer
Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Asgard character pack trailer
Starpoint Gemini 2 – Alpha trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Rumour – Wonder Woman will have a new origin in Batman vs Superman
Revenge is sweet in this trailer for locally-filmed anime adaptation Kite
Someone needs to be picked in this first trailer for Daraft Day
Hunt or be hunted in this red band trailer for season 2 of House Of Cards
This trailer for Kung Fury is a new world of unspeakable adventures
The first trailer for Dead Snow: Red vs Dead will punch you in the head

Model: Dani Mathers

Last Updated: January 7, 2014

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