In Other News – 14 March 2012

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Well, I’m back from my short trip to Cape Town, and what a blast the weekend was! I swam in a mineral water reservoir up at Silvermines, went hiking in a forest that was pulled straight out of the first Mortal Kombat film, sweated my ass off, played some Mass Effect 3 and got into a friendly knife-fight with a drunk uncle.

It truly was a great time, so big thanks to all of you various peeps that I met during my stay, made my weekend truly memorable. You guys all know who you are, because with my teflon coated skull, I’ve most likely forgotten already.

In Other News: Tim Schafer is rollin’ in the cash, we take a first look at Heroes and Generals and we examine the best pieces of plastic to shove your PS Vita into.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy trying to make up an excuse to justify a business trip back to Cape Town.


Xbox celebrates ten years with an interactive timeline
Double Fine’s Kickstarter initiative has clocked in at over $3 million
The eyes of Bayonetta art book and DVD revealed
First look: Heroes and Generals
Job post hints at PS4 development
Steam midweek madness includes LA Noire and Orcs must die
This millionaire wants a million dollars from you to make his first game


Remake it so – Zombies ate my neighbors
The problem with game trailers
The history of Mario Part 01 – The eighties
The best PS Vita cases for your handheld


Battlefield 3 – Close quarters Ziba tower trailer
Jet Set Radio – UK Debut trailer
Battleship – Unconventional tactics video

Across the Networks

Brilliantly twisted new concept art for puppet noir movie "Happytime Murders"
And the winners of the Project X hampers are…
Is it magic time for Warner Bros? Mandrake the Magician looks set to get the revival treatment
Adam Sandler is going to suck…your blood
Midweek mouth-off: Swimming against the stream
New images from Wrath of the Titans
More Avengers character art posters show off Hulk,Hawkeye,Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Thor!
How to make: A US iTunes account
The thrill of the hunt, now with less bullet and more SD cards
Watch Siri mangle one of the greatest rock songs of all time
Lego-Gameboytron, roll out and transform!
Out of print, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is now dead

Model: Hope Dworaczyk

Last Updated: March 14, 2012

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