In Other News – 28 June 2012 Weekend Edition

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Mayra Suarez

If things look kind of, well, sparse today, that would most likely be due to the fact that our internet connections have been pummelled harder than that time Loki told the Hulk a “yo momma” joke. So sorry about that guys, we truly are, if today has been a tad underwhelming so far.

Then again, most of you aren’t reading this because you’re in the same boat, so uh, yeah. Moving on!

In Other News: Blizzard gets arty, Castlevania has regrets, Watch dogs has leaks, Trine has a discount and Lara Croft goes chrome.

Here’s the news that we didn’t publish, because we were too busy switching things off and on again.


Square Enix wage average more than doubles competition in Japan
Phil Spencer says that the Microsoft Minecraft E3 deal was rushed
Her Majestys Secret Service will feature in Bond Legends
Clint Hocking quits Lucasarts
Lara Croft and the guardian of light gets Chromed this fall
First PSN summer sale has 50% off for Plus members and 30% off for regulars
Vanquish writer says that games should stop underestimating your intelligence
Castlevania producer has DLC regrets
Celebrate with the Art of Blizzard
Watch Dogs site leaks user e-mails
Trine 2 is half price for XBLA gold members through July 2nd

Model: Mayra Suarez

First PSN summer sale has 50% off for Plus members and 30% off for regulars

Last Updated: June 29, 2012

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