In Other News – July 19, 2011

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Good news, everyone! If you didn’t read that with a Farnsworth accent, kindly hand in your geek card. But really, there IS good news! It seems my sleeping pattern has resumed to normal for the time being- which means I’m far less grumpy, and altogether more charming. Sleep, however, also means dreams – and my current ones are…well, odd. Last night I dreamt I was invited to a fancy buffet upon a Victorian era passenger ship by the Queen herself (probably because of that aforementioned charm). I can quite recall, but for some reason the ship was under duress and soon to capsize. I had to save the Queen from going overboard – and the only way that I seemed to be able to, the only thing that made sense, was to grab her by the tits.

So I saved the Queen – but once on land she summarily kicked me in the junk. Here’s the news we didn’t post because we’ve all be holding our crown jewels.


PS4, Xbox 720 ‘coming soon’, ‘transition is happening’ – Ubisoft
NPD Year-to-date and Lifetime-to-date sales
Battlefield 3: ‘We can do earthquakes in multiplayer’
EA: retail games will die…one day
Minecraft 360 designed to “work better on console”


Is Uncharted 3 being overhyped
Photorealistic GTA4 mod
The 7 greatest betrayals in videogame history
Videogame reality VS fantasy
Incubus launches retro promo game
Super Mario on Paper


Asura’s Wrath gameplay video
Saints Row : The Third – Power trailer

Header : Lindsay Marie (who gets rather naked in the photoshoot)

Last Updated: July 19, 2011

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