Independence Day is getting an extra dimension added to a re-release

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What’s better than tacking 3D onto a new movie in order to increase profits? Tacking 3D onto an older, already made film, and re-releasing that sucker into the wild, to make even more money!

So prepare yourself, for the White House to be destroyed once again, when Independence Day re-releases next year.

IN 3D!

Truth be told, the 1996 blockbuster is still damn good viewing today, 16 years after it released. 20th Century Fox have obviously been keen to join in on the 3D re-release parade, and have announced that the White House will indeed feel as if it exploded all over your face, in 2013.

Thanks to Titanic and Star Wars Episode 1 proving that 3D can still make cash, ID33D (Citation needed) will arrive in the states on July 3, thanks to Steven Spielberg moving his release schedule for Robopocalypse to a new debut slot.

And you know what? I still love this Roland Emmerich patriotism festival of dead aliens, Will Smith one-liners and massive aerial battles. I’ll actually go and watch it again, IN 3D!

Hopefully, this will finally convince the Fox to start bankrolling some ID4.2 3D sequels, in the process.

Last Updated: June 1, 2012

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