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Inhumans Vs X-Men will impact the Marvel Universe for years to come

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Inhumans Vs X-Men

Is Homo Superior dead? Not yet, but they’re just about to take a leap into extinction as Charles Xavier’s theory about mutantkind being the next step in human evolution is staying firmly in the textbooks. Mutantkind has been buggered to hell and beyond over the last decade as it is: Cassandra Nova killed millions of mutants with an attack on Genosha, the Scarlet Witch wiped out 98% of her race when she suffered a mental breakdown and the Terrigen Mists covering the planet have rendered the remaining survivors sterile.

And it looks like the X-Men have had enough, as they’re going to war with the Inhumans.

That’s the next big conflict in the Marvel Universe, as once the dust has settled from Civil War II as the children of the atom take on the royal house of Blackbolt and pals with Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire teaming up to pen the tale which Lemire says will have consequences that will “impact the entire Marvel U for years to come”.

“ This is a huge story with wide-ranging implications and consequences. It will set up events in both the Mutant and Inhuman worlds for years, but also the wider Marvel Universe,” Lemire explained to Mashable, detailing how the fight will go down between the scattered X-Men and the superior numbers of the Inhumans.

Inhumans Vs X-Men

Like any large group of people, neither the Mutants nor Inhumans act like they have a hive mind. Meaning they are a diverse group, with many points of view and many agendas. So it’s not so black and white. There are not simply two sides to this battle. So, for the Mutants, not everyone will agree with the conflict. And there will be factions within even those groups. So we really tried to draw in as many characters as we could, but to give them all a different voice, agenda and purpose in the story.

You can expect to see the casts of Extraordinary X-Men,Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men as well as many other Mutants, some of whom we haven’t seen in a while.

The Inhumans work exactly the same way,” Soule added.

There are several main factions — the “royal” Inhumans like Black Bolt and Medusa, the NuHumans, which include characters newer to the Inhuman world like Iso and Reader, and of course bad guys like Maximus and Lash — but they all have their own sense of how the IvX crisis should be handled. As far as whether it’s a fair fight … sure, there are more Inhumans than X-Men.

But most of them aren’t trained warriors like the X-Men, many of whom have been fighting various battles for years. I think it’ll be more balanced than you think.

This is all built on years and years of comic book events and continuity, which saw the Inhumans flex their power of not having their film rights owned by 20th Century Fox to devastating results. So which books should fans dig into before the next war starts in the Marvel Universe? “They should check out the DEATH OF X mini-series that will be published right before this,” Lemire said.

It is also written by Charles and I and drawn by the amazing Aaron Kuder. That story will really be the primer for IvX and set the stage. And of course all of the current X-Men and Inhumans titles have been and will continue to build up to this conflict.

Inhumans Vs. X-Men starts later this year and will unfold over six issues, with artist Leinil Yu Francis illustrating the conflict.

Last Updated: July 28, 2016

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