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Is a new PREDATOR movie being announced at Comic Con?

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Generally when I use the words “predator” and “Comic Con” in a sentence, it’s to regale people with the tale about how Darryn got mistaken for a prepubescent girl (easy mistake to make) by a lecherous old man at a cosplay event. Luckily, today’s bit of news is about something other than my colleague’s sex life, as it involves a certain genitalia-faced alien with a thing for fishnet stockings and slaughtering soldiers in the jungle, who might just be returning to our screens.

There hasn’t been a peep about any further developments in the Predator franchise since 2010’s Predators, but that film’s Facebook page suddenly received a rather mysterious update yesterday when the following image was posted.


“There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man…We’re all gonna die,” is actually a line from the original 1987 film, which saw a muddy Arnold Schwarzenegger going toe to claw with the famed extraterrestrial hunter. What’s more interesting though, is that according to the learned folks over at Comic Book Movie, that green and blue background is actually a stylized aerial shot of Petco Park, which is right around the corner from the San Diego Convention Center. That’s the home of this weekend’s upcoming Comic-Con 2013, suggesting that something Predator-ial will be announced this weekend. 

Adding more fuel to that fire is the fact that when the lineup for Comic-Con 2013 was announced last week, 20th Century Fox had not indicated what their panel in the vaunted Hall H would be about on Saturday. A few days ago though, THR reported that Foxwill be bringing The Wolverine and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to the event, as well as one other “surprise”. It was assumed at the time that surprise would be something to do with Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, but now that’s not so cut and dry any more.

I for one would certainly welcome a new addition to the Predator franchise. Predators had its flaws, but in returning to its no holds barred action roots, it was a damn sight better than the two previous mediocre Aliens vs Predators movies. It also did the most out of all the Predator movies to flesh out the mythology of the masked hunter, and that’s definitely something I would love to see explored further. Also, there’s the fact that it made $127 million off just a $40 million budget.

So what do you guys think? Could you do with more Predator goodness, or are you still trying to erase the image of Adrian Brody trying to pretend to he’s a badass action hero.

Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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