Is Sin City 2 finally coming?

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Almost a decade ago, Robert Rodriguez crafted a comic book movie that set a new benchmark in terms of visual story-telling, as he expertly adapted the popular Frank Miller tales into the realm of moving pictures, expertly transitioning the iconic and stark art style onto the big screen.

He’s been promising us a sequel for years now, and was supposedly going to start shooting straight after the original, a plan that never materialised, leaving him to make those other kiddie films.

It’s been seven years already, and it seems that Rodriguez is finally getting serious about returning to Basin City.

Speaking at the SXSW festival, Rodriguez announced that he had plans to start work on the sequel straight after he finished shooting his other sequel, Machete Kills.

“You work on a number of projects, and then everything eventually bottlenecks,” said Rodriguez.

You develop a number of films simultaneously, and then maybe one will go. This time it just happens that everything got announced at the same time. We’ll probably be editing Machete while we shoot Sin City. It’ll be summer and it’ll be hot, so it’ll be nice and cool inside with all the green screens.

Rodriguez also confirmed that the sequel will use the “A dame to kill for” storyline as part of the film, with original author Miller himself penning two new tales for the rest of the project.

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“You won’t find those in a book. Those will be surprises”, Rodriguez added. So far, William “The Departed” Monahan has been polishing the script up, while talks are underway for Mickey Rourke to make an appearance.

Now lets see if Rodriguez actually sticks to his word on this one…

Last Updated: March 15, 2012

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