Is this concept art our first glimpse of Ben Affleck as Batman?

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Thanks to a certain lollygagging, rump shaking young starlet that has ruined the sanctity of foam fingers forever, Ben Affleck appeared to slip out of the public’s crosshairs after being cast as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, much to the ire of some people.

I maintain that until we actually see and hear him as the character, we should reserve all all our rage for something more deserving of it (like slow people at ATM’s). Well, we might just have met that first criteria.

As was mentioned a while back, the idea of Batman’s casting has actually been tossed around for while quite some time before the initial announcement was made, so I’m pretty sure that there’s an ever increasing mountain of concept art over in Zack Snyder’s office. One person who could possibly have contributed to that pile, is artist Steve Scott. Scott was the artist behind the Batman Begins comic book adaptation, and he’s done design work for Smallville, so he definitely has the right credentials for this. “This” being a piece of what appears to be concept art for Batman VS Superman with Ben Affleck in a newly designed suit.


According to the folks at Bleeding Cool, Scott posted this image to the Facebook page of Comic Art House, before pulling it again almost immediately with the comment “Wrong one”.

Did Scott just accidentally upload some concept art he wasn’t supposed to? (that is clearly Affleck in the picture, and even the notes refer to “Ben”). Or is this just a masterful trolling session?

Look carefully at the notes and you’ll see several mention of “nipples” that just seem too funny to be legit.

“Lower the bat ears… No Bat Nipples!!!”

“”Texture should separate Batman from rest of JLA and Superman! Ben wants no Bat Nipples.”

While Bat Nipples are a very real concern – just ask George Clooney – I can’t see Warner Bros putting that on a piece of official concept art. But the design does some pretty legit; a tweaked version of Christian Bale’s costume with a bit more comic booky embellishments like the cowl, and big brown bat logo. I’m not sure I’m a fan of how the cape flows down from the shoulders, but I can’t say I’d be burning tires if this was to be his costume.

What do you guys think? Very clever prank or actual design? And if the latter, what do you think of the Batsuit?

Last Updated: September 5, 2013

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