Is Warner Bros gearing up to reboot THE GUMBALL RALLY?

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It’s getting a tad too easy to predict Hollywood movie fads. We’ve gone through the Twilight phase, and with The Hunger Games being the only successful competition in the young adult adaptation genre of films, expect that bubble to pop soon. Next up, we’ve got a ton of biblical, musical biopics and dead comedian films coming up. So what’s the next genre that’s getting some attention?

Why, it’s the genre that Burt Reynolds would be proud of: The wacky racer.

According to Variety, Warner Bros and Chernin Entertainment will be looking to create a film based on the Gumball 3000 Rally, a racing spectacle that was in turn inspired by the 1976 Gumball Rally film. Created by former racing car driver Maximillion Cooper, the event usually sees dozens of fast cars race just under the speed limit across a variety of destinations before partying all night long. Kinda boring actually.

There’s no other details right now on what Warner Bros has planned for the proposed film besides a caper/heist angle, but it’d be hard to not take some influence from films such as the aforementioned Gumball Rally, as well as the classic Cannonball Run movies.

Which I’d honestly pay money to go and see. Now if you’ll excuse me, Kervyn and I need to win a race while disguised as a rich Arabian oil baron and his trusty physician.


Last Updated: October 1, 2013

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