It may be time to dodge spanners again as DODGEBALL is getting a sequel

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You’ve got to grab life by the dodgeballs! That was the slogan back in 2004 for Dodgeball, an ver the top underdog story that dealt with a sport that only the yanks played. Vince Vaughn was the blue collar schlub that had to assemble a team of all star players to take on a scene-munching Ben Stiller, in order to save his gym.

And you know what? It wasn’t actually bad. Although that was more than likely thanks to Rip Torn cussing and insulting people so badly, that a sailor would blush. A sequel has been on the sidelines for years now, and now, it looks like it’s finally ready to take the court and play some ball.

While the original slapstick comedy was written and directed by Rawson Thurber, the Dodgeball sequel will instead see a script turned in by Clay Tarver. So what’s the sequel about then? Empire reckons that it’ll involve a team-up between Vaughn’s everyman Dodgeball champion and Ben Stiller’s over the top pro athlete moron persona, as they take on the biggest threat to Dodgeball. Like ever.

I dug the original, and as mentioned before, it had quite a bit of meme-worthy material. That film starred Justin Long, Alan Tudyk, Christine Taylor, Stephen Root and Missi Pyle. Hopefully, we’ll see them return for the sequel.

Last Updated: April 23, 2013

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