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IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE again, as the classic film is getting a sequel

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You think that death and taxes are a certainty in life? Well buddy, you haven’t counted on Christmas being about as predictable as a Julius Malema blame game. Tis the season of gaudy advertising, terrible gifts from your grandmother and that f$%^ing Boney M drummer boy song being looped endlessly.

Add It’s a wonderful life to that list, as thanks to some public domain rights, TV has shown that film more frequently than Dinner for One on New Years Eve. And it looks like a sequel is on the way for that classic film about getting over suicide.

Released way back in 1946 and starring Jimmy Stewart, the film focuses on George Bailey who happens to be having some suicidal thoughts. Guided by his guardian angel, George learns just how much his life actually mattered and how different the world would have been if he had never been born. Cue the happy ending, and an angle getting their wings.

According to Variety, the sequel will see the grandson of George taking a similar path, this time guided by George’s daughter Zuzu. Karolyn Grimes, who portrayed her, will return for the sequel. Other than that, there’s still some casting to do. No lead actor has been announced, and the film still needs a director, and will be filmed on a budget of $25 to $30 million.

A soulless quick cash-grab to take advantage of another classic property? possibly, but it has the blessing of Grimes, as she said that the new film would have the spirit of the original tucked away inside of it, somewhere:

The new film will retain the feeling of the original, and it simply must be shared. I’ve probably read close to 20 scripts over the years suggesting a sequel to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ but none of them were any good. The script by Bob Farnsworth and Martha Bolton was wonderful, and I wanted to be involved with his version of the film immediately.

Producer Bob Farnsworth added to that sentiment, saying that “The storyline of the new film retains the spirit of the original – every life is important as long as you have friend.”


Last Updated: November 19, 2013

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