It's down to the wire in this latest production blog for THE HOBBIT

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Knowing just how detailed director Peter Jackson was on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you’d expect more of that keen eye for his upcoming take on The Hobbit films.

And you’d be right! Even though the first movie is mere weeks away from release, Jackson is still toiling away in post-production suites with the rest of his crew, tweaking and fine-tuning the final edits of the film. See for yourself, in his latest production blog.

It’s due to be completed, literally two days before the premiere.

Seems like taking a hike to Mordor would be a less taxing experience. In the blog, Jackson takes viewers on a quick tour of the various departments, wherein the film is chopped, reassembled and outfitted with extra effects, music and audio in order to create a finished product.

And his team is still hard at work, for the other two films in the trilogy of little people and rings of power accidentally discovered. The Hobbit: An unexpected journey hits theatres in New Zealand first, before moving to our side of the hemisphere for a 12 December release.

And then Jackson can finally get some much needed sleep, by the look of things.


Last Updated: November 26, 2012

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