It's just good old fashioned revenge in this new IRON MAN 3 trailer

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Life is full of challenges. Such as having an international terrorist after your head while a ruthless rival businessman decides that shooting up a few human test subjects with an extremely experimental techno-organic virus sounds like a solid plan.

But of there is one thing that can always solve that kind of problem, it’s Iron Man armour. Specifically, a few dozen of them in this new and bombastic trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 3.

There’s plenty of new footage in that trailer. From the brief debut of some armour that was built to take down the Incredible Hulk, more plot points revealed about the Mandarin, and Colonol James Rhodey giving his War Machine armour a new Iron Patriot look, the film is starting to look damn solid. Plus we finally get to see what Stark meant when he mentioned that he was on the 47th iteration of his armour.

Somewhere out there, a marketing department is nursing a massive erection at the thought of creating toys based on a few dozen extra Iron Man suits.  Iron Man 3 is out in April, and this damn wait is starting to get to me.

Last Updated: March 6, 2013

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