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It’s Nicolas Cage vs. animatronic monsters in the horror comedy/thriller Willy’s Wonderland

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Willy’s Wonderland is the upcoming horror comedy-thriller directed by Kevin Lewis (who makes his first turn behind the camera in over a decade) and written by G.O. Parsons (making his feature debut).

It stars Nicolas Cage as a nameless drifter who encounters some car trouble while driving through a small town. Unable to pay for the repairs he agrees to take on a job cleaning the local amusement hall, Willy’s Wonderland, in exchange. But little does he know that this is all an elaborate trap, and that he’s being offered up as a sacrifice to the animatronic monsters that call Willy’s Wonderland home.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

A quiet loner (Nicolas Cage) finds himself stranded in a remote town when his car breaks down. Unable to pay for the repairs he needs, he agrees to spend the night cleaning Willy’s Wonderland, an abandoned family fun center. But this wonderland has a dark secret that the “The Janitor” is about to discover. He soon finds himself trapped inside Willy’s and locked in an epic battle with the possessed animatronic mascots that roam the halls. To survive, he must fight his way through each of them.

Let’s take a look:

I don’t know about you, but I think this looks entertaining as hell. There’s just something viscerally satisfying about seeing Nicolas Cage, who’s delivering one of his trademark crazy-good performances, turn the tables on a bunch of homicidal animatronic monsters and treat them like a bunch of piñatas. Will this movie wow you with its direction, special effects, plot, or (other) performances? No, it won’t – but it sure looks fun nonetheless.

What do you think?

Originally scheduled for a theatrical release on 30 October, before you know what, Willy’s Wonderland will now be available via digital and on-demand services on 12 February. It also stars Emily Tosta, Ric Reitz, Chris Warner, Kai Kadlec, and Beth Grant.

Last Updated: January 18, 2021

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