It's not about people, it's uh about people in this trailer for REACH ME

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reach me

Sylvester Stallone! Terry Crews! Kelsey Grammer! Thomas Jane! Kevin Connolly! Kyra Sedgwick! Ryan Kwanten! Tom Berenger! Tom Sizemore! Cary Elwes! Nelly! Nope, that’s not the teaser trailer for The Expendables 4 that you’ve just read out. That’s the cast list for Reach Me, which may just be the most confusing film of the year. See for yourself below.

A comedy/drama centered on a group of people who all have a connection to a self-help book authored by a reclusive former football coach.

…I have no freakin’ idea what kind of film Reach Me is supposed to be. It’s got a ton of threads spread throughout it, so it’ll be interesting to see if the film can take them and make a touchdown. That, and we need to get Thomas Jane a cowboy flick ASAP. Director John Herzfield has been toiling away on this project for a while now, with a release scheduled for October and dammit people that Sly Stallone line from the trailer needs to be on a T-Shirt already.


Last Updated: July 8, 2014

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