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It's official! Emilia Clarke will be Sarah Connor in TERMINATOR: GENESIS

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The last time we saw a search for Sarah Connor, it involved a heavily muscled Austrian man in biker leathers, going around randomly shooting blonde ladies in the face until somebody had the idea to crush him into a piece of modern art in a factory. And with the new rebooted Terminator: Genesis on the way, the search was on once again, but this time it was luckily way, way less violent. And also much quicker as the new Sarah Connor has been found. Seems she was hiding out with some dragons this whole time!


After being rumoured to be one of two front-runners for the role (the other being Brie Larson) Emilia Clarke, best known to most as would-be ruler Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s Game of Thrones, has officially landed the role of Sarah Connor, according to Deadline. From Mother of Dragons to Mother of Future Human Rebel Leader, I guess. The fact that Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World), who directed/produced a whole slew of episodes on GoT will also be in the director’s chair for this new chapter in the popular Terminator franchise probably didn’t hurt her chances one bit.

Not that Miss Clarke’s success was garnered just through favouritism though. She’s proven herself a fairly decent actress who can exhibit quite a bit of onscreen presence and strength, something that will definitely be required for portraying one of cinema’s most iconic and formidable female characters. The role was of course made famous by Linda Hamilton in James Cameron’s original Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and it was during the latter where she upped the badass quotient by several orders of magnitude. Lena Headey (who happens to co-star with Clarke on GoT) continued that tradition in The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series. So yeah, those are some pretty big shoes to fill.

It’s been reported that Zero Dark Thirty star Jason Clarke (no relation) is currently in negotiations to play her future saving son, John Connor. And if you’re wondering how a 26-year old lady can be the mother of a 44-year old man, that’s all down to the rumoured time hopping storyline, that will now seemingly take place in both the “current” era, as well as the battle ravaged future where John leads the fight against Skynet and its robotic minions. It’s believed that Arnold Schwarzenegger will also be reprising his arguably most famous role as the cyborg Terminator.

As was also recently reported, a rather ambitious plan has been hatched to produce a TV series that will act as a companion piece for the new trilogy of movies, starting with Terminator: Genesis in July 2015, but it’s still unknown how it will all tie together.


Last Updated: December 17, 2013

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