It's official – Zack Snyder will direct JUSTICE LEAGUE

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The existence of a Justice League movie has been one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood so far, much like Ben Affleck’s dead hooker dumpster and Kervyn’s obsession with ABBA. Warner Bros is looking to create a film franchise that can rival Disney’s the Avengers, and with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel making a decent bank, they’ve found a direction to go in. And it looks like they’ve found a director as well.

Justice League

Zack is the man according to Warner Bros president of worldwide production Greg Silverman, as he revealed to Ben Fritz at the Wall Street Journal, saying that the upcoming Kryptonian sequel Batman vs Superman would lead directly into Justice League. According to Silverman, Snyder will shoot the two movies back to back, creating a “further expansion of this universe”. Justice League will then see Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck return in their roles as Superman and Batman, along with Gal Gadot’s Wonder WOman and Ray Fisher’s recently cast Cyborg as well.

That sets up most of the cast already, with the rest of the team most likely taking a page from the recent New 52 relaunch and adding Aquaman, the Flash and Green Lantern to the ranks. Shooting back to back also opens up the possibility that Justice League will hit cinemas in 2017, which could help keep interest in the team alive once Batman and Superman have stopped slugging it out with one another.


Last Updated: April 29, 2014

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