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Netflix releases a highlight reel of Guzman’s best Army of the Dead kills

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While I enjoyed Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, I did find its glaring lack of logic and common sense a little bit of a turn-off hat that detracted from the otherwise entertaining action scenes and deeper zombie mythology that was going on in the background. Not that one needs a good reason to see people killing zombies – but it does help.

And seeing as killing zombies in fun ways is arguably the biggest thrill about the movie, Netflix has now given us more of an insight into one of the short glimpses where we got to see some creative zombie killing, with the in-universe social media channel from one of its main characters, Raul Castillo’s Mikey Guzman.

We got to see a brief glimpse of the channel in the movie, but it turns out they film whole lot more and now Netflix has released a new video that shows us some more of Guzman’s channel and its viral zombie killing videos, with a variety of creative zombie kills and editing that properly replicates what you would expect from a person’s YouTube channel:

While this adds nothing to the overall Army of the Dead universe, it’s a fun little diversion and impressive to see how much effort they put into this. The creative killing in this video is entertaining, as is Castillo s the titular Guzman and it would being nice if they could release a few more short clips like this to get to experience even more creative ways of killing zombies. Reminiscent of the fun kills in Zombieland. And fun kills which were missing from the movie.

It is also interesting that Netflix has chosen to release this short video after the movie release and not before it, as it would’ve served as a decent piece of marketing. Perhaps the company was trying to hard to keep the overall look of their zombies a secret or knew it would get by on Zack Snyder’s name alone and releasing these videos now will hopefully draw in the rest.

Last Updated: June 8, 2021

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