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It's the end of an era, as London’s Twickenham Film Studio faces closure

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What do Alfie, The Italian Job and a Beatles classic tune have in common? They were all filmed at the legendary London Twickenham film studio, but it seems that the iconic property just cannot afford to serve as an area for dream films and music videos to be made, as it will be sold off to property developers this week.

Situated in South West London, but instead of preparing to celebrate its upcoming centenary, it will have to be demolished and sold off in order to settle several massive debts.

As administrator Gerald Krasner explained to the London Evening Standard, it seems that the studio just isn’t making the money that is used to in a more profitable age of film-making.

“The studio has lost money for three years and they’re not going to put any more money in”, Krasner said. “It’s being put up for sale and I think it’s fairly certain it won’t be film studios.”

With the majority of the staff on their way out, it’s a shame to see the location of many films being scuppered, especially when it used to stand shoulder to shoulder with other industry such as the Pinewood and Leavesdon Studios, forming a trio of solid British film-making locations.

With My Week with Marilyn being one of the final films made there, it’s a sad end to a historic location that helped shape the modern face of the movie industry today.


Last Updated: February 21, 2012

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