Jackie Chan is still kicking in this trailer for POLICE STORY 2013 trailer

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If you’ve never watched a Police Story film, then you’ve missed out on some of the craziest Jackie Chan films ever, and this is coming from the guy who watched him appear in a sea of explosions in Fantasy Mission Force 5. Those films had a ton of stunts inside of them that would break a lesser man, and they took their toll on Chan and his crew.

The spiritual sequel picks up where the last couple of films left off. Mainly Chan kicking ass and getting his ass handed to him in return.

Damn, that looks pretty solid to me. Police Story films have always been excuses to move Chan’s feet from face A to face B, rinse and repeat, but the action more than made up for strange and weaker stories. This sequel looks like it isn’t bucking that trend too much, as it throws in a few more story elements into the mix. It’ll be out on local shores next year, but it hits mainland China next week.

Last Updated: December 20, 2013

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