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James Cameron wants your opinion on 3D movies

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Love or hate them (HATE), 3D movies are here to stay for the next couple of years. Seen as a money-making gimmick by some, and a way to enhance a viewing experience by others, 3D movies have proven to be enough of a draw for cinemas, that Hollywood is prepared to violate any dead duo of films for a third outing, just so that they can add a “D” to the end of the three.

One of the few people on the planet who really knows how to make a decent 3D film, that won’t melt your peepers, is James “Titanic” Cameron, and when he’s not submerging himself to the bottom of the world, he’s only too happy to talk about the technology, and why people should be more vocal with their displeasure towards it.

“It’s good for people to be selective,” said Cameron to Variety.

I think it’s good for the exhibition community to get that feedback. We are not going to your theater because your light levels are not as good as the other theater. I think that’s important for them to hear.

Cameron said that theaters need to have their light levels monitored with a special alignment program, that could give the maximum effect possible to a 3D film, much like what was done with the third Transformers film.

With that alignment program, We’re not going to succeed in every theater but we’re going to have a much higher success rate. So what we need now is for the audience to give feedback to the theaters.

‘We like this theater. We don’t like that theater. And you guys have to step up.’

Cameron also elaborated, on how cinemas that charge a premium price for a film, should also do their best to ensure that they deliver a service worthy of those prices;

People have to understand they have to earn that premium revenue by making sure it’s a premium experience, and light levels are the key issue I think in 3D in theaters.

When you give people the light levels, it’s been demonstrably proven, they feel the value added, they feel like they’re getting something special. If you don’t give them the light levels, they feel like they’re being ripped off.

This whole idea of a premium ticket price has got to go away, because at the exact moment when more movies are made in 3D than not, even if it’s 51%, then it’s not the special case, it’s the normal case, and you can’t charge extra for the normal case.

Personally, I cannot stand 3D films, due to the fact that they make my brain feel like as if it had been subjected to a two hour William Smith algebra class, but if complaining can get the standard of these films up, then I’m more than willing to practice my most shrill of voices in order to get my moneys worth.

Last Updated: April 17, 2012

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