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Jay Baruchel to direct GOON 2: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS

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Hot damn, do I love that Goon movie. It’s the ice hockey version of Rocky. Ice Rocky. But Sean William Scott nailed it in the role of the dimwitted yet good-hearted enforcer of Doug “The Thug” Glatt. While boxers often claim to throw bombs in a lead-up to their bout, Glatt was throwing a combination of comas, concussions and Hiroshimas in Goon.

Equally awesome? Jay Baruchel as the foul-mouthed host of a Canadian ice hockey show, Pat. Baruchel also helped co-write the film alongside Evan Goldberg. Now, according to THR, he’ll be making his directorial debut in Goon 2: Last Of The Enforcers.

Per THR, Scott will reprise his role as the hockey player touched by the fists of god “in a story that sees his team, the Halifax Highlanders, reunite with a host of new players during a pro lockout.” I’m keen to see what Baruchel brings to the table. He’s a damn solid writer of comedy (This Is The End), and he’s had a great run in the series Man Seeking Woman. Baruchel also directed an episode of Trailer Park Boys last year, so he’ll be more than ready to give Goon 2 a shot when filming starts next month, ready for William Scott’s return, after the actor spoke about getting some MMA training in for the sequel.

Now stay away from my f***ing percocets, and have you got any f***ing percocets?


Last Updated: May 18, 2015

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