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Jesse Eisenberg talks about his Lex Luthor role in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

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We’ve already seen the Batfleck this week, and it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that Kal-El won’t be getting a radical new look for his sequel, as his current Kryptonian outfit works wonderfully on the big screen. We’ll most likely be seeing more and more characters soon, including one iconic villain. With Jesse Eisenberg in the role of the Superman nemesis Lex Luthor, one has to wonder how he’ll handle the role. And he has some plans for that.

Jesse Eisenberg Luthor

Speaking to IGN, Eisenberg revealed that he won’t be looking at the Hackman, Spacey and various other incarnations of Lex Luthor, for inspiration:

It’ll definitely be played by a different person, but I don’t know really how different this — I don’t know the history as well as the people making the movie, so I guess it’s up to them to figure out how much they want to separate it from previous incarnations. But I will treat it like it’s its own role. There’s no way to play the history of the character played by other people, unless you do some kind of wink, but that doesn’t seem like a responsible way to act. So I will just do it as though it’s a character, in the same way you do a movie like The Double, which is a smaller movie — but you just kind of treat it like a character, and that’s probably the best course of action, I think.

As for the role, Eisenberg explained that it was the character of Lex Luthor that drew him to the project, not the big budget scope of the project:

The character’s really good, so it’s like doing anything else. They make a lot of those movies, so if you’re an actor in things, you will probably cross paths with it at some point. But the character’s written really well. It’s a really great role. The fact that it’s in a big movie, you know, it seems like a character that would be in any kind of movie. It just happens to be in a bigger, flashier kind of thing.

There’s one other important question that still needs to be answered though, is when will Eisenberg shave his head? Don’t expect an answer from him anytime soon, as Eisenberg is keeping mum on the Kojak look, explaining that “I’m not allowed to say anything, because of their privacy.”

Batman vs. Superman opens May 6, 2016, and also stars Henry Cavill,Ben AffleckAmy AdamsGal Gadot, and Jeremy Irons. Zack Snyder directs.

Last Updated: May 15, 2014


  1. I agree with @Hammersteyn:disqus mayybe there will be a Joker in the sheeps clothing here. Everyone pissed thenselves when Ledger was choosen, very quickly shut the fuck up though didn’t they…


    • Mark Treloar

      May 15, 2014 at 12:21

      Cant help but feel me may go over the top to try come off badass.


      • RinceBroken

        May 15, 2014 at 12:25

        You mean like Heath Ledger’s Joker? 😛


        • Mark Treloar

          May 15, 2014 at 12:42

          Thing about the Heath Ledger’s joker is he can just stand their with the make-up on and still look badass,


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