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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starring in and directing Gaiman's SANDMAN!

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Exciting news today, folks. Very exciting. Fan-favourite graphic novels, the Sandman series from Neil Gaiman, have been rumoured to be adapted for the big screen for a long time now but finally some good, concrete news has arrived. It’s been reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who had previously been rumoured to be attached to the project, has been confirmed to be not only starring, but also directing and producing a feature film adaptation.

Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-Sandman-RumorJoseph “For Every Role Ever” Gordon-Levitt has shown to be a talented guy and I’m pretty sure that fans of Sandman are overjoyed that he has gotten his hands on the Sandman films instead of someone more… Asylum. We can only assume that JGL will take up the mantle as Dream, the main character of the graphic novels, and I’m sure that casting rumours for the rest of the Endless will follow. If you are unaware, the Endless include Delirium, Desire, Despair, Destruction, Destiny and Death. The more D’s the better, am I right? *nudge*

Here’s what he had to say on his twitter account, as per Comingsoon:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m incredibly honored to be working with David Goyer, Warner Bros, and @neilhimself on SANDMAN. #Prelude

Fantastic news. I’m not 100% convinced about his directing abilities yet as I haven’t seen Don Jon, but I’m sure he will be quite capable of an ambition project like Sandman. David “Man of Steel” Goyer is set to scribe the screenplay and while Goyer has a taste for the bizarre I haven’t been extremely impressed with his screenplays lately. Luckily he has great source material to draw from and judging from how active Neil Gaiman is these days, I’m sure he will have a big hand in it too.

So tell me…who’s your dream cast for Sandman? I reckon JGL just liked the idea of being named Dream.


Last Updated: December 17, 2013

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