Joe Carnahan is going to sink his teeth into some vampire romance in UNDYING LOVE

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Joe “The Grey” Carnahan has been hard at work this year, adding new projects left, right and center to his workload ever since he received positive reviews for Liam Neeson wolf-punching epic.

With a Death Wish remake on the horizon, a Groundhog day time-looper in the form of Continue and the low budget stretch already on his plate, Carnahan is a busy guy. And he might be even busier, when he stakes a claim to the vampire romance that is Undying Love.

Based on the comic from Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman, undying love mixes a modern day vampire love story with Chinese mythology, as former soldier John Sargent uses his military training to take down supernatural beasts, in order to to save the vampiric Mei.

The only problem though, is that her curse can only be broken by killing her creator, who also happens to be one of the most powerful vampires in existence, and has an army of undead creatures and gangsters to serve him.

Warner Bros grabbed the rights to Undying Love last year, and got the creators behind it to start work on a script. At one point, Alexandre Aja was rumoured to be in the running for the directing gig, but he left the project at a later point.

With Carnahan on board, Deadline is reporting that not only will he direct, but he’ll be helping to get the script written as well. Carnahan called the project “a little out of [his] wheelhouse,” but said he “really took to” the concept and that it “brought about a bunch of ideas.”

It’ll still be a while before the film starts production, but as a vampire romance story, this could be one for both audiences, from Twilight fans through to Die Hard fanatics looking for some non-sparkly action.

Last Updated: November 28, 2012

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