Joe Cornish could boldly direct where no man has directed before in STAR TREK 3

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Always two there must be. Star Wars and Star Trek, or balance is lost between the two greatest Sci-Fi forces in the universe. Yep, when JJ Abrams was named the director of Star Wars Episode VII, many phasers were set to suicide by diehard trekkies. After all, how could the man who made two decent Star Trek films make a third one when he was lost to the Disney side of the Force?

Anwer: He couldn’t, and it looks like Star Trek 3 is going to need a new director beamed in. And fortunately, it looks like Joe “Attack the Block” Cornish might be up for a gig in the captain’s chair.

According to Deadline, Paramount wants the writer-director behind Attack the Block to make a third Star Trek film for them, possibly starting in 2014 and working off a script byAlex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, with that duo then completing their three-quel obligations to the franchise.

I’d be keen to see Cornish take a crack at a Trek film. He’s a frequent collaborater of Edgar Wright, and Attack the Block shows that the man has some pretty decent talent. Set a course for Paramount at Warp Hell Yeah I reckon.

Last Updated: November 4, 2013

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