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Joe Manganiello officially cast as Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie

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There’s no bigger badass than Deathstroke in the DC Comics Universe. The greatest soldier alive, Slade Wilson is an enhanced human with enough fighting power and raw skill to give even the Batman a run for his money and has in the past almost defeated the entire Justice League in a street fight where he combined both brains and brawn to deadly effect.

If you’re a fan of the DCU, you’ve seen the character pop up in several other incarnations as well over the years. Teen Titans roped in Ron Perlman to voice their version of Deathstroke who went by the name of Slade in that series, Beware the Batman used him to devastating effect as a lethal alternative to the caped crusader and Arrow created one hell of a second season when they chose to use Wilson as the primary antagonist for that series-long story.

But on the big screen? Deathstroke has been sorely absent. That’s all going to change soon however, as Ben Affleck’s Batman movie will see the mercenary collide with the Bat. Affleck posted a teaser clip a while back of Deathstroke emerging from the shadows, dressed in his full combat outfit and clearly ready to crack some skulls. But who’s going to be under that costume when the cameras start rolling?

deathstroke-2Deathstroke (1)

Actor Joe Manganiello according to the Wall Street Journal after they confirmed the casting with DC big cheese Geoff Johns. Better known for roles in True Blood, the Magic Mike films and David Ayer’s Sabotage movie that he starred in opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger, Manganiello certainly has the build and presence to give Affleck’s brutal Batman a run for his money.

The current plan for that film is to have Affleck co-write with Geoff Johns and direct, with a completed script possibly taken the release date spot of either October 5 2018 or November 1 2019. I’d put my money on the latter date, as well as a few bucks on me going mental when I see these two icons bloody each other up on the big screen in a few year’s time.

Last Updated: September 9, 2016

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