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John McNaughton will be preparing for The Harvest

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John McNaughton isn’t the busiest of directors – he has only directed two films in the last decade so isn’t quite a household name…but what if I mention that one of his previous films included the very sexy and fantastic 1998 film Wild Things? Ah yes, I have your attention now, don’t I?

Well, John “Wild Things” McNaughton has signed on to direct The Harvest, a horror-thriller with a synopsis that, I have to admit, doesn’t seem very horrific to start with. Given that he hasn’t directed a film since 2001’s Speaking of Sex, which didn’t make much of an impact in any sense, I am quite curious to see what would have made McNaughton choose this film to direct. He does seem like he prefers to take on passion projects, or none at all, so I am pretty sure we can assume that something in the script grabbed his attention and I’m very curious to find out what it could be.

The film revolves around a sick boy whose illness prevents him from leaving the house, who starts befriending a girl who moves in next door, who then comes up against her over-protective parents.

Well, as I said before, that doesn’t sound very horrific, no does it? Either the kid has a very terrifying disease or the girl’s parents turn out to be crazed lunatics but whatever the case, if McNaughton can muster any of the brilliance he brought into Wild Things, we are in for something fantastic.

The Harvest stars Natasha Calis, Leslie Lyles, Samantha Morton, Michael Shannon, Charlie Tahan and Meadow Williams. Now, given that Michael Shannon is hot property in Hollywood at the moment adds more credit to this film and definitely peaks my curiousity even more.

Over here at The Movies, we have to admit: All we really hope for is Neve Campbell, Denise Richards and a swimming pool. Wait, what – they aren’t starring in it? Teenage Lourens is very disappointed.

Last Updated: December 12, 2012

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