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John Wick’s David Leitch officially confirmed as the director of DEADPOOL 2

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If you had to strip the first Deadpool movie of its dirty charm, wit and propensity for describing Crocs as rubber masturbatory shoes, you’d have a pretty serviceable action film, one that combined theatrics with some cheap shots to organic metal junk. Alright stuff then, but action sequences that still relied more on the visual genius of director Tim Miller to help sell the idea of an unkillable mercenary on a rampage.

Miller is however out of Deadpool 2, citing creative differences as parent company Fox scrambled to organise a replacement. And they may have just found the most Wick-ed person possible, as David Leitch is stepping up to the plate to spearhead a new sequel starring Reynolds as the man with a face that resembles the inside of Freddy Krueger’s anus.

'John Wick' film premiere, New York, America - 13 Oct 2014

If the name rings a bell, that’s because Leitch still helped to co-direct John Wick, an action movie which we can all agree was one of the most awesomely justified reasons to start a killing spree over the death of a puppy. Deadpool 2 director rumours were flying rampant before Fox made the announcement, as everyone from Drew “Cabin In The Woods” Goddard through to Magnus “Banshee” Martens were on the hotlist to direct.

While Leitch will stick around to direct Deadpool 2, he won’t be present for the third part of the unholy trilogy that is Fox is planning, according to THR. Still, this might be a dream pairing. Leitch’s work on John Wick was brutal while also revelatory in the way that the secret society around the assassin was built. Ideas that could benefit Deadpool immensely if the sequel wants to move ahead into territory that includes future soldier Cable reluctantly teaming up with the merc with a mouth.

Y’know, right after he’s done killing a goon with a Zamboni. In about five minutes.

Last Updated: November 21, 2016

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