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Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks THE DARK KNIGHT RISES ending

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So you know that part at the end of The Dark Knight Rises where Joseph Gordon-Levitt… Wait. You have already seen The Dark Knight Rises, right? Oh, you haven’t? Well then I guess you should probably stop reading and go find something else to do with your time (google “QWOP”, trust me on this one), otherwise you may just find the ending of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy SPOILED for you.










So, now that we’ve got rid of them….While it’s never explicitly said, it’s quite clear that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character is supposed to be Robin (OK, so maybe it is explicitly said, but they say his name is Robin, not that he dresses in green shorts and pixie boots). The incredible part about all this is that despite the fact that John Blake is pretty much a brand new character in the Batman mythos, he is essentially an amalgamation of all three (well, four if count Stephanie Brown, but let’s just leave her out of the equation for now) Robins that existed in the comics. He’s a cop like Dick Grayson, he lived in an orphanage like Jason Todd and he figured out Batman’s identity like Tim Drake.

So at the end of the film, when Bruce Wayne “retires” as Batman, and Blake is led to the discovery of the Batcave with all it’s technological goodies, most people will immediately assume that this meant that he would be next to wear the cowl. Both in that movie world, as well as in whatever Batman films were to follow. But now for the first time, the talented young actor spoke about his future in the franchise when he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

To be honest, I never expected anything else. With Nolan walking away from the franchise, I don’t expect any of “his” actors to reprise their roles without him. Christian Bale has already said as much. And while talk of a Catwoman spinoff has been floating around ever since the movie ended – which would be perfect for a JGL Batman cameo – I highly doubt that it would come to fruition with a Justice League movie and probable Batman franchise reboot looming.

But if it were possible, would you guys like to see JGL sporting the cape and cowl? He’d obviously have to bulk up a bit for the role, but as anybody who’s seen Christian Bale’s transformation from the The Machinist to Batman Begins can attest, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Last Updated: August 16, 2012

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