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JUMANJI remake has found a director in Jake Kasdan

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Sigh. They say the older you get the more out of touch with the youth you become. It would seem that Hollywood agrees with that sentiment looking at all the remakes they’ve regurgitated over the past few years. Total Recall, Poltergeist: 3D, Robocop, and even Point Break (Kerv LOVED it), none seem too sacred to avoid the inevitable attempt at making more money. So I do indeed sigh when I am reminded that a remake of the 1995 film that stared the late Robin Williams is still on the cards, or board.

The upcoming new, BETTER, PROBABLY IN 3D/4D Jumanji has landed Jake Kasdan as director, someone who has lots of experience in making children’s movies, like… Um… Bad Teacher (R18), and erm, Sex Tape (R18). So I can only imagine that the new board game is going to involve a bowl and a lot of keys. WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!

According to Deadline the Kasdan-helmed film will return to the original material found in the 1985 Chris Van Allsburg book. So indeed a remake but not of the actual film. Joining him is  Scott Rosenberg who wrote the screenplay for High Fidelity and Con Air (because children movies people!). I am not holding my breath on this one. The original was a huge success and boasted (at the time) some of the best CGI anyone had seen. More than that though was the cast. Of course Robin Williams was AWESOME as was Kirsten Dunst (before, you know, all the cocaine and rehab elements entered her life). My younger brothers loved the movie. I did too, until the 45th viewing by which stage I wanted a board game to swallow me up too.

So what do you think? Would you go and ruin all the good memories on this remake? Or am I just being old, perhaps there is a place for a new, more contemporary version for the new kids on the block?


Last Updated: January 15, 2016

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