JURASSIC WORLD early buzz: "A more than worthy sequel"

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I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow has confirmed (via ComingSoon)that he will not be returning to helm any follow-up movie. That’s classified as “bad news” because it seems (and this is the good news part) that he’s done a pretty good job with Jurassic World.

The much anticipated sequel had its premier in Paris over the weekend, and the first feedback from those lucky enough to be in attendance have started coming in (via /Film and CBM). Now it must be noted that these are mostly not film press, but rather general audiences, massive fans and even a celebrity or two, so don’t consider these as proper critic reviews or anything (which will be heavily embargoed for at least a week anyway). That being said, the general vibe is most definitely skewing towards the positive side, so even if the professional critics end up being a bit harsher, it still looks like the movie is not the disappointment that some feared it may be by a long shot.




Along with the Twitter reactions, /Film also received an email from massive US Jurassic Park fan @ChrisLikesDinos who had some friends that attended the Paris premiere and offered up this second-hand account of their opinions of the film.

“From what I understand, the movie certainly is very action heavy after the first 45min (for better or worse) but has a ton of charm, and is incredibly well put together. There aren’t any major surprises for those who followed the production closely, but again, 3 out of the 4 praised it as the best JP sequel by far.

I also occasionally chat with someone who does reviews/articles for [redacted] – that person dropped me an email out of nowhere saying the film was “very good”, so that’s a plus!”

@ChrisLikesDinos does say though that he had one friend who hated the movie, however this friend was against virtually everything about Jurassic World since the start of production.

Even with that bit of negativity, and compensating for the post-premiere high that normally pushes up the buzz on some of these early reactions, it still seems like Trevorrow and co have delivered a solidly entertaining blockbuster that may not surpass Steven Spielberg’s modern day classic – and really we weren’t expecting it to – but is at least a worthy follow-up.

Nick and I will checking out the movie ourselves next week Tuesday, and you’ll have our (much more long-winded) reaction soon after that. Jurassic World officially opens locally on June 12, 2015.

Last Updated: June 2, 2015

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