The Justice League end-credits sets up a serious threat for the team

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Justice League (5)

Despite the occasionally dodgy CGI scene, Henry Cavill’s moustache being banished to the Phantom Zone and the Flash running like a tranquilised Ace Venture, there’s a lot to like about Justice League. It’s not a perfect film and it’ll probably fall victim to hyper-criticism in this opinionated day and age, but as a standalone flick that builds on what came before it?

It’s definitely a step in the right direction. It’s even more enjoyable in the end credits sequence however, much to the chagrin of the cinema staff who want your butts out of the seats so that they can clean up. Needless to say, there are super-duper hyper spoilers below. I’m going to leave an image of Henry Cavill’s CGI-top lip of steel to deter you in case you haven’t seen the film yet. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.





Right, the end credits have rolled and a scene unfolds in Arkham Asylum. The infamous madhouse is busy checking on inmates, but it seems that one follicle-challenged super-criminal has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the guards. Lex Luthor has broken free thanks to the assistance of none other than the greatest and deadliest mercenary alive, Deathstroke.

The gun for hire eventually finds himself boarding Luthor’s secret yacht, ready for the payday that he was promised. Luthor wants to offer Slade Wilson something beyond a hefty deposit into his offshore bank account however: Security. Specifically, a “league of our own” as the scene fades to black. For fans, Luthor’s intentions could only mean one thing: The Injustice League.

Justice League (1) (2)

While other criminal collectives have existed in the past to battle the Justice League, such as the Secret Society and Legion of Doom, the Injustice League has always been a cabal of foes who have had a personal axe to grind with the league. Sure, there may have been the odd world domination plot thrown in for good measure, but the Injustice League’s primary function has always been to act against the original League.

Justice League (2)

Membership has varied over the years, but the core incarnation of the Injustice League has always featured Lex Luthor as a founder and leader who knows how to co-ordinate the talents of supervillains to devastating effect. On TV, the Injustice League popped up in Smallville (Cringe to the max), while Young Justice featured a lighter version of the team where Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor operated in the shadows of their Secret Society.

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The potential for the Injustice League to take the spotlight though is massive. While it would be a natural segue to bring in Darkseid for Justice League 2, he’s too big a gun to unveil so soon. He’s the threat to end all threats, a danger to the entire multiverse who exists solely to end all life. Building Darkseid up through Justice League and other standalone flicks while the Injustice League presents a more personal and dangerous second chapter for the fledgeling superheroes seems like the much better option.

Justice League (3)

The problem, of course, would be the size of the cast. Even if some of these villains were introduced in their respective heroes’ solo film, it would still be an absolute challenge to juggle two teams of characters, but hey, at least this would be one not-so-civil war with a more clearly defined team of good guys to cheer on.

Last Updated: November 20, 2017

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